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We believe in affordable dental care for all

Transform your smile with one of our fixed price dental treatments while enjoying sites of
the capital city or relaxing wellness facilities in one of Serbia’s thermal spas.

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Our Offer

The Biggest Smile offer fixed price packages for all dental treatments required to restore a healthy smile without the risk of added costs. The Biggest Smile is part of Pejovic Dental, one of the largest and most respected dental practices in the region.

Healthy Smile


Confident Smile


Radiant Smile


All our packages include

* The choice of package is dependent on the patient’s general oral health and the desired outcome which can be discussed in detail with our representatives, or via a conference call with a dentist.

* Confident smile package allows for a stay at our resort of up to 30 days, however an initial online consultation with one of our dentists will give an estimate of the treatment duration, so guests can plan their stay accordingly.

* Radiant Smile package includes two separate visits within a six month period for a total stay at our resort of up to 30 days

Why choose us?

Over the past two decades, availability of dental care has become limited with private care prices making even the basic dental procedures out of reach for the majority of people. As a result, many have resorted to travelling abroad where dental treatments are more affordable.

Although foreign dentists are able to undertake procedures at much lower prices, the experience of many patients is that additional, hidden costs would exceed the amount quoted before the trip.

The Biggest Smile offer fixed price packages where all 
procedures are included without the risk of added costs. 

All In One Packages

To include everything required to bring your oral health back on track.

Hotel Stay

In the natural thermal spa resort situated in eastern Serbia or in one of our Belgrade hotels. During your stay you will enjoy the full access to wellness facilities.

5 year warranty

Each implant and prosthetics work caries a certificate and manufacturer’s warranty.


Private Transfers

Private airport transfers as well as any local transport requirements

Patient Care

All patients will be closely cared for by a dedicated team during their stay.

Individual catering plans

Will be tailored to suit dietary requirements and provide comfortable and nutritional dining for those undergoing sensitive treatments.

Before & After

What to Expect

[1] Arrival

On arrival to Belgrade International Airport you will be greeted by a member of The Biggest Smile Team who will escort you to your private transfer.

[2] Consultation

Depending on the time of your arrival, the first stop will be our clinic in Belgrade where you will have a consultation with one of our dentists and where all necessary scans and X-rays will be completed.

[3] Resort Check in

You can choose to stay in Belgrade for your treatment, or you can enjoy a 100 km private trip to Banja Zdrelo where you will check in to the resort and have some time to relax and settle in. Either way, your stay at the hotel will be on a full board basis with the inclusive use of the spa and wellness facilities.

[4] Dental Treatment

In Banja Zdrelo, our clinic is situated within the resort, so there will be no need to worry about transfers, leaving more time to relax and recoup in between the treatment sessions. If you are staying in Belgrade, a private transport will be organised between your hotel and the clinic. Your dental treatment plan will be personalised and specific to your circumstances. Most guests can expect to be seen by their dentist daily, sometimes for several hours at a time.

[5] Patient Care

Our team will discuss your dietary requirements as well as the type of food best suited during the sensitive treatment stages. This will be co-ordinated with the hotel catering team who will do their best to make your meals as enjoyable as possible.

Free Online Consultation

The choice of package is dependent on the patient’s general oral health and the desired outcome and can be discussed in detail with our representatives, or via a conference call with a dentist.

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About Our Clinic

” We believe in affordable dental care for all “

Established in 2008, Pejovic Dental operate two clinics where they provide most modern
and comprehensive dental services. They employ nineteen dentists and three oral surgeons including
a visiting professor of facial surgery from the University of Belgrade.

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Satisfied Patients

What Our Patients Say

"Having undergone extremely bad private dentistry in the UK, which left me with an infection in my jaw bone, I decided to look at other options. Pejovic dental came highly recommended and I only wish I had found them sooner. I was very impressed with the care I received. The clinic is modern with state of the art equipment. They were quickly able to establish the problem and fix it. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for any further dental treatment and would highly recommend to all my family and friends."
Amanda H.
Patient from the UK - 5⭐ Google Review
"Excellent service, excellent team, quality and affordable dental and prosthetic work. Exceptional attitude towards the patient. I have been using their services for three years now and of course I will continue. Just wanted to say thank you, and highly recommend ❤"
Zorica J.
Patient - 5⭐ Google Review
"I had been very afraid of the dentist, but I came here for the first time a year and a half ago and I have no plans to change. Everyone is very kind and smiling. Each time the job was done professionally"

Jovan T.
Patient - 5⭐ Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Flights are not included. Everything else, along with the airport transfers and the full board stay at
the hotel is included.

Yes it is. There is no current Government guidance against visiting Serbia. Many central and eastern Europeans regard Serbia is a popular and very affordable tourist destination.

There is no need to worry. We can accommodate for you to visit again and continue the treatment
at no extra cost. All you have to do is find the time and pay for the flights.

Yes its is. Just like any European dentists, we source all our materials from certified suppliers most
of which are in the EU. Implants and raw materials for ceramic crowns are sourced from Switzerland.
Each implant caries a certificate and manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes. All our dentists have completed accredited six year university degree course in dentistry or
dental surgery.

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